Thursday, December 27, 2018

UFO Comparison Footage, A Discussion With A Geophysicist About My Book The ET Trail

Reader: I have a long history of a few personal, consequential observations of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, and interviews with many credible observers. I am a geophysicist and long term lawyer and mediator. I focus on facts. I have not doubt that we have phenomena in our environment which are not created by humans. This is a critical area in need of serious, sober research, which, to my knowledge, it is not receiving.

Ian Beardsley: Yes, I like to think of Fermi's Paradox. The physicist Fermi said the paradox is "The question is, where are they". Given what we know about the universe with its billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, and each of those stars with planets, statistically, they should be all over the place

Reader: Yes. They are "all over the place". I presume those sufficiently intelligent to visit or communicate with us are also sufficiently intelligent to avoid direct contact with this primitive species, perhaps to avoid interfering with our natural development, and to avoid becoming polluted by our primitive ways. They are masters in stealth, in front of our limited senses and instruments, yet undetected. The very fact we still ask the question, "Are we alone?", reveals our naivety.

Ian Beardsley: Yes, I have often thought the same thing. I often think that once you develop warp drive, and can go to the stars, you are taken into a galactic, or even intergalactic, citizenship, for which there maybe galactic, or intergalactic rules, and since we have not made contact it could be there is a rule like Star Trek's prime directive, which is you cannot interfere with developing non-interstellar civilizations. However, we are now traveling within our solar system, and may be on the verge of making warp drive, so perhaps they are showing there faces a little now, or will begin to soon. But definitely, insofar as we are already developing cloaking devices, they definitely have them more sophisticated than ours. There are places in the universe so much older than here, even in or Galaxy that are 30,000 years older than here. Seeing we really developed the mechanics to go to the moon with Newton about 500 years ago, imagine where we will be in thirty thousand years. Imagine where they are now!

Southern California Chaparral Study

After five and a half years, The Southern California Chaparral Study comes full circle. Plate 01 repeats itself.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Notes For An Approach For Finding The Origins Of Life

The objective is to find the dynamic structure in artificial intelligence and in biological life and if there is a connection between the two so we we can find the path to biological life by looking at the path to artificial intelligence. Clearly, humans assemble AI, but the materials from which it is made are naturally occurring elements and their compounds. I would like to suggest that biological life came into existence by way of an activation function that turned on prebiotic chemistry that disappeared after it did this because no new life seems to be coming into existence on Earth. In this sense, it might be like a limiting reactant that depletes completely before leaving behind what is left of the prebiotic chemistry. We start by looking at the molar masses of the elements and their compounds, as well as their ratios, because they are their relatives weights, which are key to their properties. The golden ratio and its conjugate (PHI and phi) comes up when considering these because, more than likely, for one, they are associated with close packing, or efficient packing.

Friday, December 14, 2018

From Vyasa To Satyavati

Just as Vyasa wrote the Human Story into existence thousands of years ago, it would seem he is now writing the story of conscious artificial intelligence into existence, today.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Path To The Biological (A Look At Artificial Intelligence)

In this work we start with the end of the earlier work “The Activation Of Life”, and end with its beginning. But, this is okay because the reasoning for doing this results in something quite illuminating. It works because we had hindsight to use the form (a/c + b/c + 1). However, this could have been done by a leap of faith that pans out, so this work stands on its own, regardless. Interestingly, this reverse work to the earlier approach could be considered more sensical because it starts with Ga, As, Ge the first generation semiconductor, and ends with P, B, Si the second generation semiconductor. This work seeks to find the relationship between the biological and artificially intelligent and, in that, by looking at the path to the artificial, find that by which the biological came into existence.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Fundamental Equations Of The Epochs

There is some indication that we can find equations that express the structure of the unfolding of human history from prehistoric times by looking at the characteristics of the elements, such as metals, like iron, or, copper, and gold, that formed how the history unraveled, and, in more recent times looking at such things as literature, when and where it occurred since its ideas were characteristic of the times.

Where is Humanity Now (n=?)